Simple Kitchen Designs That Will Rock Your Cooking World

In a small home, simplicity is the key to making your space more comfortable. The kitchen is quite small in the ordinary modern home. Therefore, applying simple kitchen designs ideas is the best way to create a space that is efficient and cozy. You can apply some tips in your kitchen interior designing to make the narrow space feels more spacious. Bigger is not always better, particularly when we’re talking kitchens. Small and simple kitchens are usually more efficient workspaces than large ones. Space and real design aren’t special to a large kitchen. So, all you need are some good small kitchen decorating concepts that keep your small space organized, functional and beautiful.


Simple Kitchen Cabinets

Excellent and simple, that is what this simple kitchen design represents. This kind of simple thought is almost in any area who are living in a small house. White refrigerator and oven look very old. Connecting them with the light small kitchen cabinet is something you would do to support the atmosphere of the kitchen.

Simple Kitchen Design for Small Space

If you have a small space for the kitchen, your house must be ample small. Well, you don’t need to build one room just for the kitchen, instead, you could make the kitchen to open to another room such as living room and dining room. That idea would be satisfactory. You won’t require a lot of essence in a small house because most small or tiny houses are lived by one or two people.

Simple Kitchen Design Timeless Style

The key to creating a narrow space to be a pleasant minimalist kitchen is to add lots of open shelves. You can attach some wooden tables to give you extra space for preparation in your cooking activity.  And one bright yellow lamp in the middle of the ceiling highlighted all the space in the kitchen.

Kitchen Color Ideas for Small Kitchens

If you want to get closer to nature, you can actually apply that concept on your kitchen. You can have a gray color for the cabinets and the white color for the wall. Those three colors would make a great combination to your green shade. Flower decoration is a must-have part of this kitchen design.

Simple kitchen ideas efficient workflow

Kitchen planners and interior designers are used golden triangle design technique. It involves the placement of the stove, sink, and refrigerator in a triangular design to maximize the efficiency of workflow in the kitchen. It can be incorporated into any simple kitchen designs.


Preferring the right simple kitchen designs for your kitchen should depend on the size of the room. All the thoughts you have applied. It is ready for the limited space you have in your small house. The key to having a comfortable kitchen in a small house is to have it simple.

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