How to start an Online store


Online business also called E-commerce, electronic or internet business, which means the transaction of online business, is conducted over the internet. Which exchange information in the form of products and payment details using web-based technologies!
Online business is a great bloom. People now day’s prefer to buy and shop online instead of regular visiting stores, rush in the crowd, waste of time, standing in queues for paying the bill and then brings heavy bags back at home. Online stores are trendier because it saves a lot of time, practical and cost –friendly
Recent times we are surrounded by High- tech developments. Due to this business owner who work online has forced to rethink how they operate. Because of this advancement in technology needs and trends, online business changes rapidly.

Marketing Strategies

Without the right marketing Strategies, online business will not produce the desired outcome. Today by competing with rapid changes in the market you cannot ignore the value of Social Media. Right marketing strategies become the fuel to your online business
Social Media marketing is the backbone of online Store. As it is one of the main platforms to promote your store and drive more traffic to your website. Social is an effective means to connect and extend the range of your customers
Social Media include activities like posting text, images, uploading videos and other content to divert your audience towards your website. As social media is one of the greatest channels is used for promotions once you build a loyal following there, it helps you to drive more traffic on your website
S&S will help you in making different ads, posts, and flyers for your website. Create such marketing plans that help in the growth of your business which attracts more customers to your site.

S&S online store setup services

We offer the best online store set up services which fulfill all the requirements you need.S&S will bring more and more customers by promoting your brands and offer the users by delightful shopping experience.
If you make your mind to start an online business then don’t panic S&S will provide complete consultancy. As well as S&S will cover the best solutions for your online store. S&S will build a website for your online business.
A user interface in which user interaction with your website as the biggest challenge to making your customer come back to your site. In an online store, an appealing and spontaneous design is a valuable part of the website. Smart implementation of the common user interface will help to create a pleasing experience of shopping for your customers
User experience: User experience is the overall experience of the users or in simple terms, it can define as the process of creating products that provide relevant experience to the users
Good user experience sparks the good impact on your customer who makes more likely to trust you and buy from you. User experience puts the users in focus.
Set up your product Category: By assigning product into different categories, the hierarchy of products is clearly visualized for the customers to throw a good impact.
Product tags are another way to relate product with each other. By grouping of products in the form of gallery then click a product image on the collection page to visit the specific product


It is based on the requirement of customer what he wants either free shipping or cash on delivery S&S will compensate will add the module on the demand of their customer. As most of online are doing free shipping in the beginning to attract a bundle of visitors to their websites.
S&S will provide courier services for the product which is purchased by customer now this product would be handover to them by different courier services in Pakistan

Payment Gateway:

A payment gateway is merchant side service in house payment process that credit cards payment for online trade or online transaction from any authorized bank. S&S will integrate any payment gateway which suits its customer. As it is one of the most secure platforms of the transaction to keep you away from fraud.
S&S will suggest which payment gateway suits according to your online business. If you want to do any other method for online payment making, S&S will integrate into your website with any other software S&S is always there for your help.

S&S will help in complete customization of your store from start to end at each step we are with you. Focusing the potential buyers and consumers
S&S developer update themselves and follow the latest with new features which help our client store up to date in terms of technologies and latest market trend
S&S main concern to provide their customer full-fledged online store without investing much money in it. Choose a more unique template for your website. Once you are up with operating an online store, with smooth order processing, with more secure domains S&S is with you from start to end in most reasonable prices.