The Role of Operating System Networking

All computers ship with software called an operating system (OS) to run all the software and hardware on the computer and to give an interface that humans can use to interrelate with the machines. Operating system software runs not on laptop computers but also on smartphones, tablets, network routers, and other smart appliances. Operating system networkingOSN is the software that allows multiple computers to communicate, share files and hardware appliances with one another. Timely versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple operating systems were not planes for single computer method and not network method. As computer networks started to appear and be used more frequently, operating systems networking began to be developed.

S&S Consultant explains Network Operating System (NOS):

The key features of network operating systems are:

  • Basic operating system features support like official support, processor support, hardware diagnose and multiprocessing base for applications.
  • Security features like authentication, restrictions, authorizations and approach control.
  • Features for the file, Web service, printing, and reduplicate.
  • Directory and name recourse management.
  • User management features along with provisions for distance access and system management.
  • Internetworking features the same as routing and WAN ports.
  • Clustering potentiality.

Ordinary tasks associated with network operating systems contain as a part of the whole:

  • User administration
  • System maintenance activities the same as backup
  • Tasks associated with file management
  • Security observing on all resources in the network
  • Setting priority to print post in the network.

Types of operating system networking:

The first operating system network was Novell NetWare, released in 1983. Network operating systems were common when Netware came,

Artisoft’s LANtastic, Banyan VINES, Novell’s NetWare and Microsoft’s LAN Manager.

Some of the main purposes of an operating system networking are printer sharing, common file systems, database sharing, application sharing, running network name directory and the ability to do housekeeping for the network’s system.

Types of operating systems:

  • Batch Operating System
  • Time-Sharing Operating Systems
  • Distributed Operating System
  • Network Operating System
  • Real-Time Operating System

Network Monitoring Tools and Software:

  1. Solar Winds Network Performance Monitor (FREE TRIAL):
  2. Manage Engine Op Manager (FREE):
  3. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor (FREE TRIAL):
  4. Solar Winds Flow Tool Bundle (FREE TOOL BUNDLE):
  5. Zabbix: A free network monitoring system
  6. Nagios XI: The paid version of the free Nagios Core runs on Linux and
  7. Icinga: Free to use
  8. Spice works Network Monitor: A free
  9. Advanced IP Scanner: free IP address management tool
  10. Logic Monitor: a tool
  11. Event Sentry: A network infrastructure monitoring tool
  12. Observium: Paid and free version.
  13. Kaseya Traverse: A Cloud-based network monitoring service
  14. What’s Up Gold: An SNMP-based monitoring system
  15. Zenoss:  free
  16. Data dog:  free and paid versions.
  17. Connect Wise Automate:
  18. OP5 Monitor:
  19. Axence n Vision:  tools; there is a free version for small networks.
  20. Pulse way:
  21. RG System:
  22. Thousand Eyes:
  23. GFI Lan Guard:
  24. Cola soft Capsa:  Analysis tools.
  25. Splunk: Small networks can access a free version.
  26. Wireshark: An iconic free packet sniffer

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