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Kitchen Design in Karachi, Design your dream kitchen? Achieving the interior design of the room properly is as vital as good design. Follow expert advice from interior designer Julia Kendall to discover how to do this. When planning a kitchen, it is important of course to get the flow of space and put the hardware and work surfaces and make sure that everything in the place is most suitable for the way you want to use the kitchen out. But how does a professional interior designer come close to the appearance of a new kitchen, whether modern or traditional? Discover them with interior design tips for experts in kitchens.


This really comes from the specialty of the kitchen designer, but if you are designing your own kitchen Design in Karachi, be sure to get the following location:
Is everything in the place that you need it? Consider how and where to use different elements in your kitchen, placing everything in a convenient way. Cereals and breakfast dishes should be near the breakfast table or the kitchen island, for example. Plates and plates should be stored as close as possible to the dishwasher, which should be near the sink. The plate of bread and bread near the cups of the toaster near the teapot or the boiling water tap.
“If you’re installing your music on an island, it’s good to include a pre-set bathroom on the island so you do not have to cross a main street in the kitchen with boiling water to get to the main tub.” What is useful if there is more than one person working in the kitchen at the same time. ”
Is the gap between the Treasury working on a large scale enough? Design of the kitchen of the ship? Or maybe install the kitchen island? The tracks through the kitchen should be 1 meter wide and in cooking areas, at least 1.25 meters wide.
Do you have the correct traffic address? All kitchens lead to other rooms and often overlook a garden, so it is vital to get the path between the different spaces, especially if you are designing an open kitchen, a restaurant, a living area or planning a family kitchen. Ideally, the layout of the kitchen should look natural, but you should also make sure that the cooking area is not the main route of the room. Because from the point of view of safety, does not want children to raise their hands when passing, from the point of view of the cook, does not want to get out of the way. If your children constantly arrive at the refrigerator or snack cupboards, this can also mean careful consideration of the location of these areas.


Just as in the living room, set the color of your kitchen cabinet to the way you feel your room. This is largely due to the amount of natural light the room receives and where the kitchen is located in the room. So, if you design a kitchen accessory with dining and living areas overlooking the garden and kitchen units at the end of the dark room, light-colored cabinets will reflect light around this part of the room. The room, making it feel bigger On the other hand, if your kitchen is sitting in a room facing the south, full of light, the dark units are not only enough but can make the kitchen feel more comfortable. However, choosing the right color for kitchen cabinets is not limited to light only. The choice of finishing the granular wood for your units will introduce a feeling and attention to the room without another feature, perhaps a contemporary extension that has no period details.
Or you might want to introduce a dark color to your kitchen? When using paint cabinets, bright colors give immediate character to the kitchen; however, this should be done with caution: you should make sure that you will love the bright color combination of your kitchen now and in the future and it is not advisable to choose a dark color if you think you can sell within Five to ten years. Of course, you can always paint your kitchen cabinets then come back when you are tired or sell your home.

Check out our guide to painting the kitchen cabinets to see how.
Do you still like the idea of a bold kitchen color? Set it to a Cooked Island. You’ll get the most impact you can easily transform. Finally, the color of the kitchen cabinets should ideally reflect the colors used in other parts of your home. This applies to all rooms: If you are reverting topics and outlines to anyone else, your home will feel more cohesive and generally more streamlined.


High gloss, medium gloss or matte for your kitchen cabinets? This is actually the style of your home. If contemporary, the high gloss unit fits perfectly, such as medium glossy finish and matte finish. Whether this is a traditional house or a period property, stay away from high gloss cabinets and stick to medium-sized gloss or matte finish.
“If you choose a high gloss unit, use wood in other parts of the scheme, on the floor, on the tabletop or other elements, to loosen a potentially clinical feeling and help create a more familiar and contemporary atmosphere. To eat. Always worth doing some research on the colors and finishes of the cabinets. Ask your kitchen designer the right questions and see if you can sample the house cabinet doors to see how they will look at your room light, not under the lighting of the showroom. Check out 25 kitchen cabinets ideas too.


Consider the style of kitchen furniture you want from a purely aesthetic perspective. You might like the traditional sense of a shaker kitchen, but would it suit the elegant lines of a very modern kitchen, without a kitchen, your contemporary kitchen? Can the curved kitchen be more comprehensive than its small kitchen? How do you complement handles and handles of cabinets and other accessories in your home?


A good kitchen designer will take care of the small details for you, but what happens if you design an IKEA kitchen, for example? These are just some of the smallest details to work on in your kitchen design:


“In a well-planned kitchen, not only is there enough storage space, but you should also make sure to choose the right kitchen storage for your needs, for example, deep drawers for crockery, crockery, and cooking utensils are usually more useful than ordinary floor cabinets. You should ride on your knees to see the items in the back of the wardrobe and attention to the smallest details: Ask yourself if you have planned to store materials such as spices and dry foods near the preparation area.
Good storage for small kitchens can make or break your room, so you have to take care of these details. If you need more tips on getting the best storage for small kitchens, visit our ideas gallery.


The lighting needs of the kitchen must be done at the design stage of the extension or when considering the distribution of your kitchen. Lighting tasks are a fact, but do not forget to work on ambient lighting, adjustable options, and attractive pendants: Your kitchen should not only be about how it works; it is also important how you look while you are eating or rearing.

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