Seven Stages of Software Development Life Cycle

Software Designing, Software development life cycle models describe the stage of the software cycle and the order in which those stages are accomplished. Each stage produces deliverables required by the next stage in the life cycle.

An edge to creating a software product is usually considered to as “software development life cycle” (SDLC), also familiar as “application development life cycle,” or simply “software development process.” As assembling software is inherently complex and needs a long list of skills from the development team, there is a multitude of different SDLCs to address projects of different scale and complication.

But what is an SDLC is, and how to pick the right one? S&S Consultant will guide and help you which is the best and how to maintain and install.

Let’s try to answer these and other, adjoin questions.

What is Software Development Life Cycle?

Software development lifecycle (SDLC) is a framework that explains the steps involved in the development of software. It covers the detailed plan for building, deploying and maintaining the software.

SDLC explains the complete cycle of development i.e. all the tasks included in gathering a requirement for the maintenance of a Product.

How Does a Software Development Life Cycle Work?

While SDLC cycles supply an overview of work for a project, they are not a ready-to-use manual. An SDLC is not set in stone: there are different models and examples of software development life cycle. The latter depends on project complication, and so do the many software development life cycle methodologies. However, the core idea of a software development life cycle remains – it is an order of work pointed at creating a digital solution.

Benefits of Software Development Life Cycle 

The key cause behind adopting a clear SDLC is control over the development process. A working plan, dispute management between participants, and budget management are other big advantages of the software development life cycle.

Thus, the software development life cycle permit for:

  • Having overarching control over the software development process
  • Upgrading resource management and cost-effectiveness
  • Gives teams a direct action plan
  • Improves cooperation between participants

What is important to remember is that all the advantages of the software development life cycle will not work for teams on their own. If project managers infirm ability or some participants decline to follow the process, the cycle will fall apart, influencing the quality of the final product.

Software Development Life Cycle Models

There is a host of different SDLC models that help in different types of software development projects, even in cases when the client does not have a clear vision of what they need. S&S Consultant will explain and clarify the concept of SDLC models which one is perfect for your project.

  1. Waterfall Model
  2. V-Shaped Model
  3. Iterative Model
  4. Spiral Model
  5. Big Bang Model
  6. Agile Model
  7. Evolutionary Prototype Model

Software Development Life Cycle Stages

The systems development life cycle (SDLC), used as application development lifecycle, it word used in systems engineering, information systems, and software engineering to report a process for planning, creating, testing, and deploying an information system. The SDLC highlights different stages of the development process. The life cycle reach is used so users can see and understand what activities are involved within a given step, steps can be repeated or a previous step can be adopted when needing to revise or improve the system.

These are seven stages in every Software development life cycle model:

  1.   Planning & Requirements Analysis
  2. Defining Requirements
  3. Designing Product Architecture
  4. Developing the Product
  5. Testing the Product
  6. Deployment & Maintenance
  7. Evolutionary Prototyping Model

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