Different Types of Wooden Interior Design

Wooden interior design Karachi, It is not the first time we are promoting wooden interior design. Wood is not only an important material used erection in architecture but also a timeless component to aspect in interior design. Few materials are beautiful and adaptable, making the feature of wooden interior design present in everything from rural, country homes right up to the most modern, creative of spaces. .It is not only valuable for its firmness, but also for its multifaceted. And it can completely transform a room when used in the right way. All the interiors are simple and very sung. Ever visualize an interior design with wood where everything, including floors, wall covering, snip, furniture, and even ceiling, is made of wood.

10 Types of Wood For Your Interiors:

Let the alpha of fine woods commence! come across ten amazing stumbles ascribe that once installed in your home or office will help unlock the greatest capability room can exhibit.

  • Hardwood:

Hardwood is used to manufacturing cupboards, desks, wooden panels, door-frames, and window fittings.

  • Deodar:

Deodar is one of the most commonly used woods for constructional purposes.

  • Walnut tree wood: 

Walnut wood is used in the making of furniture but it makes an ideal material for flooring as well. But there has been a trend of walnut wood walls. It comes in dark red and pinkish color


Teak is a strong wood that is highly durable. It is mostly used in the manufacturing of window frames.

  • Softwood:

Softwood can be used for the construction of wooden floors, walls, desks, furniture, door, and wooden panels. However, softwood might not be a perfect choice for walls and ceilings in urban.

  • Chir pine:

It can be used for constructing houses, but it is mostly used in the making of door panels and a certain type of furniture.

  • Fir:

The most commonly used types of fir are silver fir and blue fir. It is exploited in window and door panels and furniture.

  • Hemlock:

Hemlock is used to make doors and planks, it is not used in the making of wooden floors.

Our Services:

S&S Consultant provides different types of wooden interior design for your home and offices in Karachi.

S&S Consultant contributes Interior design concepts, we explain the components that make up a design. We look deeper than the paint or flooring to understand what message does a certain space is trying to conduct. You may consider the use of the combination of different light layers, type, and color of utilized wood, displays, and other things that constitute fit-outs. Wooden interior design for the home, kitchen, walls, bedroom, doors, shutters, cladding, etc It’s high time you think about S&S Consultant Wooden Interior Design concepts. Wood adds affability and softens color contrast in your home. its interior is also crucial in creating unique rooms by giving it a rural style or a classic one. It is used for instance, in making lighting fixtures, beautiful decorative accessories, and wood furniture among others.

How to add fashion to some of your types of equipment.

  • Headboards
  • Cabinet Handles
  • Making ledges
  • Making stalls
  • Picture Frames
  • Small furniture
  • Big furniture
  • Making beautiful chandeliers
  • A Wine trestle
  • Making decorative containers for growing plants
  • Recycling of other items


It would be quite a function to gel in wooden walls with white interiors. Wood makes the dining area look comfortable, moderately rustic, yet concurrently sleek and polished. A wooden floor and wooden stand-in shower, accompaniment the egg-shaped tub and four leaf clover wall art of this nature-inspired bathroom design. It is purified, yet practical enough for the kitchen. Wood affix a bit of an edge to a retro-futuristic living space and hallways. It has a soothing power in bedrooms.

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