Wedding planner

Weddings are meant to be breathtakingly beautiful, classy and elegant, charged with solemnity, a reflection of one’s rich in its culture. A wedding ought to be true, the one and the only one of its kind, Perhaps the biggest thing of your life, why you leave everything on chance?

The wedding is one of the most important and memorial periods in your life. It t is one of the most frustrating events too, combine with major decisions from decoration to budget talks, selection of theme and so many other things.

Planning a wedding includes task invoicing, billing clients and booking of halls and much more and for this, you need to hire someone who can assist you in these matters.  S&S Consultant is right here for helping you and lessens your burden with their number of services. Planning authentic events is the first priority for S&S, to ensure the best wedding event for their client by staying within the budget, to use the knowledge of wedding vendors and creative design for a wedding event. By following the upcoming trends and completely understand your requirements.

S&S will bring equal style and detail of every event by providing consultancy and coordination of everything from venues to menus with their client’s. S&S will give you their best to make your event more memorable for you. S&S will be developing a good understanding with their client in order to produce a fabulous event. S&S main focus is to complete their work within the given time and cost with the gratification of their client. In case of emergency S&S come up with their back up plan.  S&S has the ability to tackle with any sort of situation without creating any panic.

As a planning wedding is one of the most challenging things. So it needs to be held in a more organized way. S&S will serve each event of your wedding with a lot of care and the same amount of passion. S&S will discuss each and everything with their client before they execute. S&S will promise you to find each and everything as you plan your dream wedding.