Open Kitchen Designs with Living Room

The houses and flats with open floor plan have no walls between the rooms. So that the living room and kitchen are provided in a room. We have some suggestions and opinions on how to organize the open kitchen designs with room for you. You must use the kitchen equipment and kitchen area in the kitchen. While the living room is beautifully decorated and comfortable. Optical limits, attractive kitchen cabinets, and built-in features support for a stable transition between the two spaces and build a modern living room-kitchen combination.

For centuries the kitchen was rigidly a workspace. Often tucked in the back of the house, it had room for just the simple essentials. But a glance at many new kitchens today shows a very different strategy: the open concept kitchen at the heart of the home. Now people want the kitchen to be an active part of the family home, and open kitchen designs are by far the more successful choice today.

What is an Open Concept Kitchen?

The design of an open concept kitchen is not at all uncommon, especially in the case of modern and contemporary homes. Nowadays the inclination is to make the interior design as fluid as possible and to simplify the structure. And decor tas much as possible without sacrificing the functionality. Its why excreting the boundary between the kitchen and the social spaces is a practical move. Most often, the kitchen is linked to the dining area and the two spaces are adjacent. The dining table usually becomes a boundary zone between the kitchen and the living/seating area.

Pros & Cons of an Open Kitchen designs


  • Open kitchen design carries a great benefit for the social life of the family.
  • No more isolation and compartmentalization of the food preparation process.
  •  All the inhabitants and their guest can participate fully not only in the consummation but in the process of preparation of the meal.
  • Opening the kitchen towards the rest of the living premises introduces a unity not only to the spatial arrangement but into the lives of the owners as well.


  • The smell of your cooking will quickly spread to other parts of the home.
  • There is no isolation when you have an open kitchen. If you prefer cooking to be a solo affair and don’t want to be bothered, then this kitchen style is not right for you.
  • If you like to cook in peace and quiet and the rest of your family enjoys loud TV or rowdy games, then you won’t have a way to close off your kitchen while you cook.
  • Taking down a wall to open up the kitchen will induce you to lose a lot of countertop and cabinet space.
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